Our Story

At Ladlee we have been fortunate enough to work selling Asian Clothing for 28 years. From starting out as a small corner shop to being at the heart of the Golden Mile here in Leicester, we have built a well recognised and respected business that our customers loving shopping from. Our business model from the beginning has been centred around providing affordable high quality products along with great service for our customers and thankfully their support has allowed us to keep on doing with what we love, to this day. So before anything else is said we would like to thank our wonderful customers for shopping with us.⠀

1992 to 2002: Shop No. 1 - Lagna Shringar

Ladlee owners Mahesh and Kiran Thakrar opened their first store in 1992 with very limited experience and started out not knowing what to really expect. Fair to say they took a dive in the deep end and launched Lagna Shringar. This was a very small shop and to this day reminds all of us at Ladlee of our very humble beginnings.⠀

1998 to 2010: Shop No. 2 - Lagna Shringar

2003 - 2013: Shop No. 3 - Ladlee

2012 - Present: Shop No. 4: Ladlee

In between 1998 and now we opened two stores on the Golden Mile on Belgrave road which paved the way to the grand opening of our current and largest store. This was a proud moment for the Thakrar family and we hope we can continue our journey for many more years to come!